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The Land Behind

A young girl has adventures in the land behind her house. Her family doesn’t believe her although she brings back proofs of her visits there.

Follow her adventures into The Land Behind!

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The Land Beyond

by J.H.E. Lim

There is a land beyond
Where adventures await me
On mountain slopes and forests thick,
Where grizzlies and bear cubs
Roam about freely,
Where riders on coloured horses
Ride to other lands beyond.

In the land beyond
Great disasters and wars
Grip people’s hearts with fear,
Turbulence and upheavals
Bewilder people endlessly,
Even sages stumble
In their effort to unravel the mysteries.

There is yet another land beyond.
I’m going there someday,
When I cannot tell.
But it will be a place
Where hearts are purified
Aimless lives find a purpose
Shadows become reality
And all is at peace and rest.

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